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milano roma: deve essere presente uno dei due termini
+milano +roma: devono essere presenti entrambi i termini
+milano roma: deve essere presente milano ed eventualmente roma
+milano -roma: deve essere presente milano ma non roma
+milano +( venezia): devono essere presenti o milano e roma o milano e venezia, ma i record con milano e venezia hanno rilevanza maggiore.
('<' indica minore rilevanza, '>' indica maggiore rilevanza)
"milano roma": deve essere presente l'esatta sequenza milano roma

Ricerche in: Electromagnetics and Geoinformation
Soil Moisture Ocean Salinity (SMOS) Mission
Soil moisture and vegetation biomass monitoring by spaceborne radiometers
Monitoring soil moisture by means of spaceborne radiometers is a  strategic objective of space agencies. In particular, ESA and NASA are  developing important missions dedicated to this application. The SMOS  satellite, carrying the L band MIRAS radiometer on board, was launched  by ESA in 2009. In preparation of the launch, an algorithm was  developed to retrieve soil moisture and vegetation biomass using  radiometric signatures. Our group participated in the development of  this algorithm since the beginning of the study. In particular, we  contributed to the development of the forward model over forests. At  present time, the algorithm is being tested and refined. Important  results have been achieved, and the studies have been validated using  independent mesurements.