Esempi di inserimento dei termini di ricerca

milano roma: deve essere presente uno dei due termini
+milano +roma: devono essere presenti entrambi i termini
+milano roma: deve essere presente milano ed eventualmente roma
+milano -roma: deve essere presente milano ma non roma
+milano +( venezia): devono essere presenti o milano e roma o milano e venezia, ma i record con milano e venezia hanno rilevanza maggiore.
('<' indica minore rilevanza, '>' indica maggiore rilevanza)
"milano roma": deve essere presente l'esatta sequenza milano roma

Ricerche in: Electromagnetics and Geoinformation
Radio Frequency Identification RFID
Embedded radio-sensors for structural deformations
Very recently some experiments put into evidence the possibility to set up a tag to tag communication by exploiting the electromagnetic coupling mechanism among antennas. Theoretical and experimental investigations are under development to understand how fabricate grids of interacting RFID tags according to the paradigm o ubiquitous computing.   READ MORE
Short-range passive sensing of chemical-physical parameters
We are making progress in the development of chemical-loaded antennas embedding carbon nanotubes and conductive polymers with the aim to remotely detect the presence and the amount of some gas such as ammonia, humidity and ethanol.   READ MORE
Wearable and Implantable radio-devices for human sensing
This research is expected to produce one of the key technologies to enable the personal E-Health of tomorrow, wherein the person, through his own smartphone, will become the primary hub of data collection about his own body.    READ MORE