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Esempi di inserimento dei termini di ricerca

milano roma: deve essere presente uno dei due termini
+milano +roma: devono essere presenti entrambi i termini
+milano roma: deve essere presente milano ed eventualmente roma
+milano -roma: deve essere presente milano ma non roma
+milano +( venezia): devono essere presenti o milano e roma o milano e venezia, ma i record con milano e venezia hanno rilevanza maggiore.
('<' indica minore rilevanza, '>' indica maggiore rilevanza)
"milano roma": deve essere presente l'esatta sequenza milano roma

Research projects

The intense research activity of the Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering is supported by public funding and private contracts with reference to both national and international scientific research scenarios and specific needs of the university and the outside world (public entities, private enterprises, industries and trade associations…)
The department develops research activities in the following areas:
Architecture and Building
Automation, Control and Robotics

Electromagnetics and Geoinformation

Environmental Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Medical Engineering
Physical-Mathematical applied researches

Herewith find the main lines of research:

Architecture and Construction
Automation, Control and Robotics
Electromagnetics and Geoinformation
Ingegneria Ambientale
Civil engineering and environment
Computer Science Engineering
Ingegneria medica
Ricerca di base per l'Ingegneria